Shaping Diet & Exercise Muscle Fat Free

Want to have a healthy body, this is one of the reasons why many people want the ideal body. As we know that obesity or being overweight (due to the accumulation of fat in the body) is the trigger for deadly diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Build Muscle

Build Muscle

Awareness for a healthier life has become a trend, although on the other hand there are still many people who enjoy life in ways that are less healthy.

Well, when you are reading this article means that you become one of the many people who are aware of the importance of healthy living. And healthy living can be started from your diet.

Time to Apply Healthy Eating

Currently the eating habits not only because the person is hungry, but because of the feeling of wanting food cravings or after sight or smell the aroma of certain foods.

Although most of the flavor cravings associated with emotional and psychological conditions, when your body lacks certain vitamins and minerals, your body begin to want foods that are spicy, salty, sweet or sour.

According to the Diet Channel, If you want a salty flavored foods, maybe your body is lack of iodine or potassium in the diet. Meanwhile, according to ancient Chinese science, if you crave sour taste may mean there is an indication of a weakened immune system, especially in the liver (liver).

If you want spicy, there could be an indication of the weakening of lung health and blood flow occurs in irregular veins. One more thing, if you really want sweet foods, possible growth of yeast overgrowth in the gut and decreased levels of minerals in the body, therefore you have to ‘ outsmart ‘ by eating more vegetables to control your addiction to sweets.

The best way to understand and control your desire is to explore your relationship with food. Start by making a list of the most wanted food you eat. Next, try to put it into certain categories and find healthier meal replacement, low calorie flavor that is not much different.

From now on you have to really understand, that your body is hungry when he needs food and food cravings when you want to eat when you are not hungry. These are two different things.

There is also another habit that ‘force’ someone to eat when not hungry, which is an affirmation of social status. What does it mean?

Nowadays we find many students, college students, young executives, entrepreneurs to hold a gathering or meeting is not in a classroom or office buildings but in cafes, restaurants and various other instant food provider’s premises.

Choice of restaurant or dish that is served to give the impression of ‘ class ‘ for those who eat there. But that is often overlooked is that the food in a classy restaurant does not guarantee that the food served is healthy !

If it becomes a habit, then eating any food can lead to weight gain and the risk of dangerous diseases began to threaten your health.

Healthy Eating

Well, so you are no longer stuck in a less healthy diet, now is the time to get used to running a healthy diet that can support the formation of the body and your health.

Do not Skip Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast, the majority reasoned not have time for breakfast, some are not hungry when I wake up so it does not need breakfast. Others believe if not breakfast can help you lose weight. In fact the opposite happened !

When you skip breakfast, your body will lack fuel for activity during the day, because you ‘ve been fasting during sleep for 6-7 hours. As a result, during the day you will feel excessively hungry and will spend large amounts of food at lunch. Even worse with high-calorie snack foods such as biscuits, cake, or bread that can make you gain weight.

Increase consumption of Fresh Vegetables

Choose a wide variety of colorful vegetables each day. For each of the different colors of vegetables, nutrition was also different. Variety of vegetables that can be incorporated into a diet program that is as carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers and leafy green vegetables such as cabbage and mustard. Beside rich in fiber to aid digestion, vitmain and vegetables provide a variety of important minerals to boost your immune system.

Healthy Fat Consumption

Some types of fats are actually good for you. However, should the proper portions. Olive oil and avocados provide good fats and good for the heart. Fish also provide this benefit. The difference, of fish contain more vitamins and minerals that are good for you.

Reduce the consumption of sugar -sweetened

Everyone loves sweets. Unfortunately, the losses more than the benefits provided by sugary foods. Limit yourself from high sugared foods. In addition to lead to obesity, sugary foods can also lead to a spike in blood sugar that can lead to diabetes.

Eat 5-6 times a day

Eating more often is 3 main meals and 2-3 healthy snacks in between meals, is the best way to increase your body’s metabolism. Choose snacks that are high in protein, low in fat, high protein and low sugar content. Non-fat yogurt and nuts are a light meal right to beat hunger while providing satisfaction.

Those are some tips to make healthy eating to build muscle without fat. Keep in mind, note also the right diet for your body type. Because not all of us the same food intake. How to know? You can get the guide named the muscle maximizer that will provide full information of our body types and what should we eat every day. The guide also teaches how to form the ideal body bibs.